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ProParamedics: Taking the Time to Care

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Dec 16, 2019

Proparamedics is proudly doing their part to make sure everyone can have ‘Just a Minute’. The important services they offer, medical cover for events and ambulance transfers, are made even better by the inclusive and comprehensive training Proparamedics take on.

Proparamedics Medic Mail had this to say:

"The benefits of Proparamedics being JAM card friendly speak for themselves and allowed us to understand how important it is to discreetly exercise patience to those who need ‘Just a Minute’. This was a chance for us to gain valuable knowledge about different types of disabilities and learn how to better engage with people who need that little bit of extra time. "

Having a service such as Proparamedics being JAM Card Friendly is important for those who need ‘Just a Minute’, and being sure the team at Proparamedics have the training and skills to better accommodate those with disabilities is brilliant for everyone.



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