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"Tap to use card" your JAM Card opens in a new screen.  You show it, they know it.

​Tap the screen again to show your message to let the reader know that you may need some extra time.

You can choose from a list of ready-made messages and edit your preferences anytime. If you have a condition not listed let us know and we will review your request.

Make plans at the Explore page through searching by business or category. With its geolocation service, the App shows JAM Card Friendly businesses that are closest to your whereabouts.

A gold star beside the company name indicates that the JAM Card is recognised here. Save your favourite brands to My places for later. 

By rating places you are making your voice heard and helping to improve the JAM Card for everyone in the future. 

The JAM Card App Scroll to explore!

The App is as simple, subtle and non-verbal as the physical card and offers you way more in the process. Preview and explore its fantastic features by navigating down the page.

  • Quick and easy to download

  • Show your JAM Card with one click

  • Choose a message that suits your needs

  • Find places to visit

  • Rate and review your experiences

  • Help improve services for people like yourself

  • Give App feedback and improve services

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Tap to show

You choose

Plan ahead

Your places

Rate places

Available on app stores

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Get the App now

Get a JAM Card

We post physical printed JAM Cards free of charge. Just pick the message that best suits you:

  • I have a learning disability

  • I have a learning difficulty

  • I have an intellectual disability

  • I am autistic

  • I have autism

  • I have dementia

  • I have a visual impairment

  • I have a condition

Can't find the right message?

See more JAM Cards options from our Community Partners or download our App



What is JAM Card?

Just. A. Minute. That is what JAM Card stands for and that is what it gives you - just as much time and patience as you need in public or social situations.


You can show your JAM Card while you are shopping, ordering food, visiting a bank, using public transport and much, much more. As long as the business in question is JAM Card Friendly, they will know what your cards means. It’s a simple idea that makes a big difference.

Group of people with JAM Card and looking at phone for sefie
The JAM Card
JAM Card app

What makes JAM Card so special?

Available for free in card or app form, JAM Card is a discreet, silent and easy device for telling others that you need ‘Just A Minute’ in any scenario.

It was originally developed by and for those with learning difficulties and disabilities, but has now expanded to include anyone with a hidden disability or communication barrier when they need more patience and space in a given situation.

Despite its simplicity, JAM Card has grown into one of the leading accessibility and inclusion tools for its service users. There are now over 1,800 JAM Card businesses and 85,000 service users across the world.


We are proud of the JAM Card story and how it reflects the lived experience of those who use it.

With that in mind, we have a few simple requests to guide your usage of the JAM Card and App

Be honest

Please be 100% honest in the information that you report to us. We want to know which areas of the JAM Card need improvement and which organisations have provided you with both positive and negative interactions.

Respect our heart

Respect is at the heart of the JAM Card, and we believe that we can achieve it together by upholding the same values in our actions.

Don't be a devil

Please don't resort to abusive language or personal insults when communicating your JAM Card recommendations and customer-service experiences to us.

Phone screen peeson rate JAM Card

Contributing to the JAM Card Community

The JAM Card is powered by the individuals whose life it seeks to better. You inform us which businesses are doing a good/bad job in creating inclusive experiences for you, and you tell us how to make the JAM Card a more relevant asset to your daily life.

In exchange for your generous and totally anonymous feedback, you can expect us to take your insights and stories on board and work hard to implement the positive changes that deliver the JAM Card that you want to see and deserve. 

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