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Become our next Community Partner?

If you think we can work better together, let us know and share your ideas with us.

Bringing better together

A lovely quality of the JAM Card is the fact that it can slot in very nicely to complement the work of other organsations and we are always open to exploring community partnerships.  

Community partnerships

Typically, we collaborate with fellow social enterprises, charities, NGOs and voluntary groups and are happy to discuss opportunities with any potential partner whose social mission will stand to benefit from the availability of a customised JAM Card for their community.

With each new partnership we rework the design and messaging of our usual range of cards, and incorporate the branding of our partners to produce a new, highly bespoke JAM Card for each organisation’s intended service users.

If you think JAM Card can work for your community contact us today to discuss your options:


Tel: 028 9046 400

Community Partner JAM Cards available

Contact one of our partners if you require a specific type of JAM Card

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