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The JAM Card Journey starts here

JAM Card provides an easy way for businesses to identify people with communication barriers and hidden disabilities to give them quality customer care based on their needs

The concept is very simple

When a person decides to use your business, they can discreetly present their JAM Card to tell you that they need ‘just a minute’ (JAM) of patience and understanding.

A JAM Card Friendly animation

Businesses signed up to JAM Card

Number of businesses signed up to JAM Card

JAM Card user at DANSKE Bank with staff

Benefits to business

When you sign up to become a JAM Card Partner for three years, your business gains:

  • Regular access to expert knowledge

  • Free tool kit training

  • Insights on JAM Card App reviews for your business

  • Opportunities to co-design products and services

  • Competitive advantage in the Purple Pound market

  • Dedicated client account manager

Partnership with NOW Group

Explore the opportunity of developing a Partnership with NOW Group. We want to work with organisations with values that align with ours.

  • JAM Card Partner (essential)

  • Jobs Partner (essential)

  • Supply Chain Partner (desirable)

  • Gauge Impact 

  • Pro Bono / Sponsorship (desirable) 

To become a Strategic Partner, businesses must agree to work with NOW Group for a minimum of 36 months across at least 3 of the above areas.

If you want to learn more contact us on:

Tel: 028 9043 4000

What business has to say

“Fantastic to see this card/app being rolled out in Ireland.  Great communication tool.”

“Absolutely worth the trek up from Dublin. Extremely educational, interesting, fun and presented in an easy to understand manner and straightforward way. 10/10.”

“Very well presented training!  Learned a lot and can't wait to roll the training out in my branch.”

“Great day. Very informative with great resources for us to take away and use in training.”

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JAM Card works for all business sizes

We train you not only how to read the JAM Card in both its app and plastic-card form, but to deliver best practices in customer service for people with communication barriers, based on the experience and ongoing research of our team of expert trainers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Annual price based on number of employees


1 to 50 

£500 +VAT   |   €600 +VAT


51 to 500

£750 +VAT   |   €900 +VAT


501 to 2000 

£1500+VAT   |   €1800 +VAT


2001 plus

£2000+VAT   |   €2400 +VAT

JAM Card training on offer

You can avail of a comprehensive suite of training opportunities as a JAM Card Partner. We recognise that each organisation is on its own journey towards inclusion, and have designed a range of different options to assist you in embedding and nurturing diversity within the work place.

Not quite ready to become a JAM Card partner?

You can still take the first step on the journey by becoming a JAM Card Friendly business with our e-learning package.

Join the JAM Card Journey today!


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