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JP Corry, a longtime partner with NOW Group

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Mar 2, 2020

JP Corry is a key strategic partner for NOW Group and their commitment to inclusion is very obvious – from their support of JAM Card through to the employment opportunities they offer to our participants. As one of the largest suppliers of building materials in Northern Ireland, JP Corry has a wide ranging customer base and their desire to offer supportive service to all of them is a credit to the company.

Laura Wray, JP Corry Human Resources Manager, had this to say:

“Being recognised as a JAM friendly organisation is something we are extremely proud of and a vital step in making our business more inclusive. Over 260 staff across our network are now best placed with the knowledge and consideration to provide a first class service to customers who might need just a little more time and empathy. The E-Learning from NOW Group was very efficient and effective in providing our business with a more encompassing and flexible approach to engaging with our full customer base to provide them with service excellence.”



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