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JAM Card in Republic of Ireland: spreading across the Justice sector

Sep 23, 2021

In an extremely proud moment, we are delighted to reveal that the Courts Service, Dublin Coroners Court and Irish Prison Service are now JAM Card Friendly.

The development adds pace to JAM Card’s penetration into the Republic of Ireland, and ensures that people with hidden disabilities can inclusively access three vital public services. Angela Denning, CEO of the Courts Service explained the significance of the move: “On behalf of the Courts Service I am delighted to confirm, with over 70% of our staff already JAM Card trained, that we are well on our way to becoming the first JAM (Just A Minute) Card friendly Civil Service organisation in the Republic of Ireland.

“Providing improved customer service for all our court office users is one of the main aims of our Modernisation Programme. The JAM Card demonstrates our commitment and that of our colleagues across the organisation to improved access to justice for all, as we start our journey of change.”

Our CEO, Maeve Monaghan, said: “There are now over 75,000 JAM Card users and 1,800 organisations that have trained their staff to offer the best possible customer service to people with hidden disabilities. Equitable access to public services is, of course, essential and I welcome the commitment shown by these leading organisations in the justice sector.” The JAM Card allows people to ask for a minute of patience in any situation that they need it, including in shops, restaurants, public transport and accessing public services. Anyone looking for ‘just a minute’ can now do so at public offices across the Court Service, at the Dublin Coroners Court and at two pilot locations (Midlands Prison and Castlerea Prison across the Irish Prison Service into the future) in the Republic of Ireland. To learn more about the JAM Card initiative and how your business can support greater accessibility for people with hidden disabilities and communication barriers, visit In 2021 there are more than 75,000 users benefiting from the JAM Card. It is available for free at the Google Play/Apple App Store, and users can also request a free plastic card at #jam-card-form.



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