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Dublin City Council Is Set to Become a JAM Card Friendly Local Authority

Dublin City Council becomes Autism Friendly
NOW Group's CEO Maeve Monaghan pictured with Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy

On Monday Dublin City’s Lord Mayor, Caroline Conroy, has announced that Dublin City Council is committed to become a JAM Card friendly local authority.

JAM Card allows people with a hidden disability or communication barrier to tell others they need just a minute of time and patience in a simple and discreet way.

Lord Mayor Caroline Conroy has said, “Dublin City Council has committed to becoming a JAM Card friendly local authority to send out a clear message of inclusion, access and quality customer service. We hope that our commitment will serve as a catalyst for others to join with us to create a JAM Card friendly City” .

The JAM Card is useful when in a customer facing environments at Dublin City Council. This include reception desks at council buildings, libraries, Leisure Centres and on Dublin City public transport.

Dublin City Council will be providing JAM Cards at the reception desk in the Civic Offices and across Dublin City libraries and Area Offices. These cards will be available early in 2023. Dublin City Council’s frontline staff will wear pin badges or lanyards to indicate to JAM Card users and app users that they have been JAM Card trained.

Where Can I Get A JAM Card?

JAM Cards are available in the standard card form or as a smartphone app for easy access. There are several different ways you can acquire a JAM Card. You can get a JAM Card by filling out a form on our website and we will post it to your address.

If you would prefer not to use the physical card, you can also use our JAM Card app which is available to download directly from Google Play and the Apple Store. The app allows you to choose your message option and find JAM friendly businesses close to your location or upcoming destination.

For more information on JAM Card for Business and how you can get involved in being inclusive for all, get in touch with us today by calling 028 9043 6400 or alternatively you can email us at



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