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Draperstown Celtic ensure that local people will not be caught in a JAM

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Dec 9, 2020

Regional Club of The Year and People and Clubs-accredited Draperstown Celtic have shown their social responsibility and commitment to inclusivity by becoming a JAM Card-friendly club. With no football taking place during lockdown, Draperstown's coaches and committee have undertaken training in various subjects, including Mental Health in Sport, COVID-19 in Sport, Safeguarding of Children and, now, JAM-Card training.

How did Draperstown Celtic get involved?

Club Chairman Paul came across JAM Card through his work in the Northern Ireland Civil Service. He was the Co-ordinator for his agency in the rollout of JAM Card training to staff members. He thought it would be useful to Draperstown Celtic and brought the idea of the club adopting the JAM Card to the next committee meeting (held over Zoom due to restrictions). One unanimous committee decision later and contact was made with NOW Group. A few emails and a phone call between Paul and NOW Group then led to Draperstown Celtic signing up to become a JAM Card-friendly organisation.

The complete committee of Draperstown Celtic have completed training and are now JAM-Card aware. All coaches have also undertaken the training and now every age group at Draperstown Celtic FC has at least one coach who has completed JAM-Card training.

Get your JAM Card

JAM Card is now available for free as a card or an app for your phone. If you or someone close to you requires a JAM Card, please visit

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