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Disability Friendly Utility Companies in the UK and Ireland

Young Man with Disability Holding a JAM Card
JAM Card Disability Friendly Utility Companies

Utility companies provide us with the essentials needed to heat up our homes and top up our electricity. For people with hidden disabilities or communication barriers, using these services can be a stressful task. There are several disability friendly utility companies who are JAM Card trained. This means that they are trained to provide quality customer service to all customers based on their individual specific needs. Below is a list of disability friendly utility companies in the UK and Ireland who have received JAM Card training.

Utility Companies Who Are Disability Friendly

Power NI

Power NI is a disability friendly utility company in Northern Ireland who provide an essential service to homeowners. To make their business inclusive for all customers, they have taken the steps to make their electricity products accessible and easy for all customers to understand. As a JAM Card friendly business, over 100 members of their staff across Omagh, Belfast and Antrim have received training to offer inclusive customer service.

Staff have completed training that will allow them to provide quality services and support for adults with disabilities in Northern Ireland. Through this training Power NI staff are confident that they can adapt their conversations to meet their customer’s needs. People with a communication barrier can notify a member of staff that they are a JAM Card user over the phone, through social media or in person to let Power NI know they may need ‘Just A Minute’ of patience and time.

Budget Energy

Budget Energy is another disability friendly utility company who provides electric to homes across Northern Ireland. As a JAM Card Partner, their members of staff have received training in providing fantastic services to customers with hidden disabilities and communication barriers. They also provide extra services to those who are blind, deaf, or hearing impaired. Budget Energy is committed to providing support for adults with disabilities in Northern Ireland who need ‘Just A Minute’ of extra time and patience.


SGN are a gas distribution company based in the UK. They look after the gas network in the south of England and across Scotland. At SGN inclusion is at the heart of everything they do. Their main priority is keeping customers safe and warm within their homes.

As a JAM Card Friendly Business, employees at SGN have received disability awareness training to ensure they offer the best customer service to all customers. This gives people with hidden disabilities and communication barriers piece of mind to know that they will receive ‘Just A Minute’ of time and patience when required.

Phoenix Natural Gas

Phoenix Natural Gas is Northern Ireland’s largest gas distribution business. They serve a range of customers who have different needs and requirements. To provide quality customer service, Phoenix Natural Gas have become JAM Card friendly.

As a disability friendly business in Northern Ireland employees have been trained throughout the business to ensure that JAM Card users and anyone who requires extra time and patience can feel confident when interacting with a member of the Phoenix Natural Gas team.


At firmus most of their staff members are customer facing. As a JAM Card Friendly organisation, employees have received disability awareness training to make sure they have the skills required to provide the best possible customer service to all customers.

Customers with hidden disabilities or communication barriers can lets firmus employees know that they are JAM Card users and may require extra time or patience.

NIE Networks

NIE Networks is a disability friendly utility company who works 24 hours a day to make sure that power flows to all their customer’s homes in Northern Ireland. Employees from NIE Networks have started their JAM Card awareness training. This means that meter readers, planning and wayleave officers and other members of staff will have the knowledge to support customers who may need extra time and patience.

NIE Networks employees are committed to providing quality customer service to people with hidden difficulties and communication barriers. Employees who have been completed their disability awareness training can be identified by the JAM card pin visible on their clothing.

Disability Friendly Businesses in Northern Ireland

For people with hidden disabilities or communication barriers conversing with utility companies can be a daunting experience, especially if they require extra support. Becoming a JAM Card Partner is taking the first steps towards becoming a disability friendly business.

Through JAM Card you will create a positive and welcoming environment for both employees and all your customers. For more information on how JAM Card can support your businesses’ inclusion and diversity strategy, get in touch with us today by email at or alternatively you can call us on 028 9043 6400.

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