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Providing a good customer experience for JAM Card Users

What is JAM Card Training?

 This light touch online module will provide employees with a basic knowledge of the JAM Card and create empathy and understanding of JAM Card User with tips on how to provide an excellent customer experience.  

Your show it.
They know it.

In this course

Learners will discover: 

  1. What is a JAM card and where did it come from? 

  2. Who might use a JAM Card? 

  3. How to respond effectively to a JAM Card? 

Learners will complete a Quiz at the end of the module to assess their learning and understanding of the JAM Card. 

How will you benefit

You will learn how to react in a discreet manner giving the customer time and patience .


Ask the customer “How can I help?”. Don’t make assumptions, use a person-centred approach by catering to the specific needs of the individual. 


Provide what the customer needs to ensure that they feel valued and included and receive a level of excellent customer service. 

John Campbell

JAM Card Expert

John has been part of the team since 2010 can bring so much to the learning experience within the platform...

Let's start the challenge

The customer experience challenge takes 40 minutes to complete.  
To receive a pass certificate you need to score above 70%. 

Providing a good customer experience for JAM card Users

  • 10Steps
  • 5Participants
Get a certificate by completing the program.


This online module will offer employees a basic understanding of the JAM Card, fostering empathy and understanding of JAM Card users. It will also provide tips on delivering an excellent customer experience.

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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