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More information on the benefits of becoming a JAM Card Partner!

Inclusion and diversity are about much more than your business being welcoming to all.  They are about the real actions you take to make changes and proactively address the barriers faced by both your employees and your customers.  


As a first step becoming a JAM Card Partner provides you with the expertise to continually review your existing service, whilst developing and implementing new practices to address communication barriers. We provide expert guidance and advice alongside tailored training to support you with your inclusion strategy. 


When you sign up to become a JAM Card Partner for three years you will receive the following benefits for your business: 


  • E-learning course for all staff – introduces the concept of JAM Card, as well as hidden disabilities and communication barriers. The course is interactive, and all staff receive a certificate on completion. This is a great introduction to JAM Card and is costed based on the number of employees. 


  • Dedicated client account manager – we hold regular meetings with our JAM Card partners to develop an in-depth knowledge of the business, provide guidance on tailored training packages, regular updates on diversity initiatives and feedback on agreed partnership objectives. 


  • We will send you a Welcome Pack with some marketing material and a few JAM Cards to get you started.  Additional marketing materials are available to purchase to raise awareness of your partnership with JAM Card and promote your work on inclusion and diversity.


  • Regular access to expert knowledge on disabilities with updates on legislative changes.


  • Quarterly data report on JAM Card App reviews for your business and usage specific to your organisation to help you continually improve your customer experience.


  • Our Training Team will offer you access to free tool kit training, contextualised in line with business requirements. Examples include Return to Work training and Remote Working training.  


  • Opportunities to co-design existing and new products/services with the JAM Card Ambassadors to provide confidence that communication barriers are being addressed.


  • Opportunity to sponsor JAM Cards for users.  We are committed to keeping JAM Cards free of charge for those that need them – organisations can help us by sponsoring cards.


  • Support with promotion. Becoming a JAM Card Partner raises the profile of your business and demonstrates that you value inclusion for both employees and customers alike. We will support any press release that you issue, include it on our social-media feed, website and provide an update for all app users. 

  • A competitive edge in pursuit of the highly lucrative Purple Pound market. Our research tells us that 75% of JAM Card users are more likely to choose businesses that have been trained to recognise and respond to our card.

Pricing model for membership 


Employees 1-50

Annual price £500

Employees 51-500

Annual price £750


Employees 501-2000

Annual price £1500


Employees 2001+ 

Annual price £2000

JAM Card Partner training 

We have a broad array of courses to start you on the path to inclusion or roll out greater awareness and appreciation of neurodiversity in your work culture.

Please note: these training options are open exclusively to JAM Card Partners.

Prices shown are in addition to the annual membership cost.

Leading on inclusion within the workplace 

1.5 hr  | £400  | 15 people 

Inclusion is great for business! 

This training is developed for organisations that value inclusion for their business. This course is aimed at Board level or senior managers to identify strategic steps that can be taken to build an inclusive culture and how this will benefit the business. 


Train your own JAM Card trainers

Full day | £1450 | 12 people

This training will enable an organisation to embed JAM Card into their own internal training. This will provide all materials and content to allow staff to confidently provide training from staff inductions to refresher training for the 1 ½ hour JAM Card training session.


Develop JAM Card Champions

1.5 hours | £400 | 15 people 

Create your own team of JAM Card Champions! 

Ensure JAM Card is continually embedded into the organisation by training your staff that have enthusiasm and passion around inclusion. This will empower staff to provide continual promotion of JAM Card, support colleagues with their understanding and address any barriers for people with disabilities or communication barriers. 


Understanding inclusion

3 hours | £750 | 15 people 

Ability not disability!

This course will identify barriers and misconceptions around disabilities, whilst highlighting the barriers. As a result of this attendees will have a better awareness of inclusion but also provoke thought on how to proactively address inclusion both within the workplace and for the service being provided. 


The importance of JAM Card within telecom industry

2 hours | £500 | 15 people 

We recognise how difficult it is for people with communication barriers using telecommunications. We provide valuable training to staff on the importance of the JAM Card and explore real life scenarios and tips to continue to provide an excellent service through telecommunications. 


Supporting neurodiversity within the workplace

3 hours | £750 | 15 people 

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” Ken Blanchard

This training is designed to raise awareness of neurodiversity and how this knowledge will support peers working together. This is an opportunity to celebrate neurodiversity, embrace teamwork in the workplace and explore how this can really add value to a business.


Recruiting & Managing colleagues with neurodiversity

Full day | £1450 | 12 people 

A neurodiverse workforce is good for business!

This training is provided for those recruiting and managing teams that value inclusion. This employer guide will help increase the awareness of neurodiversity, enabling a delivery of an inclusive service to staff both current and prospective, and motivate your organisation to become a more inclusive workplace.


Celebrating Autism

1.5 hour | £400 | 30 people 

Different …….not less! 

This introduction to Celebrating Autism has been designed to highlight the abilities and attributes of those on the autistic spectrum. This course allows people to become familiar with terms and misconceptions associated with autism, as well as the barriers those on the autism spectrum may experience in society and the workplace. It will also enable staff to understand that autism is not seen as a defect or impairment but is celebrated as a different way of seeing and interpreting the world. 

Need more information or want to book a course?

JAM Card Friendly e-learning training

Cost based on number of employees


Your online introduction to the concept of JAM Card, as well as hidden disabilities and communication barriers. This course is interactive, and all staff receive a certificate on completion. 

We will also send you a welcome pack and you will be able to buy further marketing material to promote your involvement with JAM Card. Once your staff have completed their online training, we are sure that you will be keen to get further involved.

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