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Boojum: Doing Their Part!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Dec 16, 2019

Boojum has gone above and beyond to ensure inclusion is at the heart of how they do business. Boojum is a JAM Card Friendly business and is a long time friend and partner of NOW Group. Boojum has supported a number of NOW Group participants by giving them the opportunity to gain experience and employment, so that they can thrive in the working world. As a result Boojum was named NOW Group's Employer of the Year 2018/2019.

Fiona Tanham, Boojum's Human Resource Manager, sees JAM Card to be a crucial element of how they deliver excellent customer service:

“We are SO PROUD of being JAM Card friendly, the training and support the whole team has received during the process is second to none, it has really helped us focus further on diversity and acceptance. The training focuses on the value of kindness as well as celebrating difference, which has a huge benefit to both our employees and customers. The whole team has really engaged with the initiative, our employees and customers benefit from it and the support from the NOW Group is exceptional.”

Fiona Tanham



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